Discover 18 Proven Paths To Transform Your Healing Business To 6-Figure Success
And Be A Prosperous Healer!

From the Desk of Daniel John Hanneman at the Academy of Invincible Healers,

Dear Healer,

There is no one-size-fits-all way to get to 6-figures in your healing business.

Yet, it is frustrating when the path you’re following isn’t fitting your personality or communication style.

If you’re trying to use only one way to build your healing business, but feeling like it’s sucking the energy out of you, then imagine for a moment what it would be like to hear how 18 healers went to 6-figures and beyond just by being themselves and creating a plan around their strengths.

With 18 amazing healers in the lineup for the Invincible 6-Figure Healer Telesummit, it’s guaranteed you’ll resonate with quite a few of them for an actionable plan to use in your healing business.

Own And Activate 6-Figure Secrets In Your Healing Business

Receive lifetime access to the secrets of our amazing 18 successful 6-figure healers with recordings of their insights, strategies, and blueprints. Their insight will motivate you to be who you are and earn 6 figures.

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How successful you would be with the secrets to building your healing business to 6-figures?

What if you pressed play on your MP3 player for a 6-figure idea and revved up cash flow in your healing business?

What would it be like to have 18 pathways to prosperity to generate a stream of clients and more sales?

If you want to know how all of this is possible for you, then keep reading to discover how you can enjoy 6-figures in your healing business and have the most amazing clients, all while being yourself.

When you connect with even 1 way to build your healing business to 6-figures, it makes it all worthwhile.

Because you FINALLY have a solution to end the frustrating search for ways you can build your 6-figure healing business that fits YOU!

The Secrets of 18 Successful 6-Figure Healers Revealed

I’m excited to present you with an amazing lineup of successful 6-figure healers that are committed to help you unravel the mystery of how they built their businesses to 6 figures… and how you can too.

Caitriona Reed
Caitriona and Michele
Dabney Alix
Therese Skelly
Derek Rydall
Amanda Noelle Miller
Michelle Benzamin Miki
Brenni Larson
Sheila Gale
Jonathan Bender
Nan Akasha
Joseph Ghabi
Pamelah Landers
Becky & Corey Center
Eva Gregory
Rono & Sierra
Kimberly Marooney
Daniel John Hanneman

And how they STILL use these secrets TODAY to continue to expand their businesses as well as help others reach 6-figure success.

FINALLY, get the ANSWERS and GUIDANCE you need to THRIVE in your healing business!

If you are wondering why you would want to upgrade to the recordings, understand that while you do receive free access to the interviews during the telesummit, the recordings go away shortly after. You either have to be a super note-taker or try to catch the replays. Even then, the energy fades from your notes and replays come down.

But, you don’t have to just let that happen to you. You can invest in the recordings and listen to them for a lifetime.

It is proven that if you listen to a recording more than once, you’ll gain new insights and deeper understanding of the content.

It’s like having any one of our 18 6-figure healers, coaches, and intuitives in your pocket, cheering you on.

Whenever you get stuck in your action steps, go back to the recording and listen in again. Plus, whenever you do act on the content, set a goal to work through the next 6-figure healer’s secret and put it into play in your business.

There’s just no possible way to do that if you only have free access.

As you listen and re-listen, you actually TRAIN YOUR BRAIN and ACTIVATE your mindset to take action.

Discover Your Best Way To 6-Figure Sales Success That Fits Your Personality

We all have strengths and ways of communicating that fit our personalities.

However, without guidance and a proven blueprint, we may go against what we do most naturally  to do what everyone else is doing in their healing businesses.

When you’re not in alignment with your most natural way of expressing who you are in your healing business, you contract your energy and wind up repelling the clients who need you most!

Are you feeling any of these energy contractions?


Feel stressed about where to find clients


Can’t seem to get clients to put money into your services


Want to give up because you think that no one wants to work with you 


Find it hard to recover after experiencing rejection by a potential client


Feel unmotivated to tap into spirit for guidance


Not sure how to talk to clients


Experience exhaustion after all of your efforts have provided little to no results


Wonder who are you to even think you could help the world at times 


Feel isolated and alone in your healing business 


Experience what you think is an up/down energy state where you feel positive one minute and have negative thoughts the next

I know what it’s like to doubt yourself on your path to 6 figures in your healing business. That’s why I’ve asked these 18 amazing speakers to join me to motivate you to be yourself in your healing business and trust the process to manifest 6-figure sales success!

It truly is so much easier when you are yourself in your healing business. We’re here to help and support you with 18 ways for you to explore, play, and take action.

With your upgrade to the Rocking the Grid Package, you receive what you need to ROCK YOUR HEALING BUSINESS to set up your business around WHO YOU ARE to bring the 6-figure success you want into REALITY.

Activate The Thriving, Expanding, Joyful, 6-Figure Healer Within You

The line up of the Invincible 6-Figure Healer’s world leading experts help you activate your money & mindset, meditation & angel guidance, sexual healing, proven structures and business strategies, and commitment to your healing business transformation.

Expect an activation within YOU that energizes your ability to expand joy, bliss, and thrive in your healing business when you listen to the recordings again and again.

Whether you are just getting started, not sure if you are a healer, or already in business and want to expand to reach more clients, the information and guidance you receive from investing in the upgrade activates and permeates your intention of allowing 6-figure healing business success in all areas of your life.

Imagine what you would do with 6-figures in your healing business.

Master your 6-figure healing business success and become more empowered to be who you are to create the life you want as you help many more people in the world.

Empower Yourself to 6-Figure Healing Success In Your Business Now

Select your level of transformation and what you are ready to COMMIT to for yourself, your healing business, and all of those you help.

What you invest in, you get back seven-fold in your life.

Empower yourself to be the greatest change in the world as you transmute all past mindsets and programming that have held you back. Now is the time to step forward and take a leap of faith to shine. You will be a magnet in the world as you activate your 6-figure healing business success with your bold choice from the packages below:

“The work with the callers was amazing and I learned so much. Life breathes u- trust that it won’t be taken from u. Really amazing work thank u so much.”

Alice J.

“Thanks Daniel for an awesome summit.  Only a few days in, and I already feel transformed.  Much love and blessings to you and your family.”

Sidha S.

“Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU so much!! I appreciate what you’re doing. We appreciate what you are doing. I received a simple, beautiful and empowering message. It was very significant for me to call in when I did. I wish I could have recorded it. I will use your guidance to empower myself and others. Thank you!!”

Kevin P.

These topics are just what I needed to connect with others and build a client base. Thank you you for making this possible!

Susan A., Capitola, CA

Thank you soooooo very much! Beautiful information! So much love from the bottom of my heart!

Lindsey, Mattoon

Holy moly. THANK YOU!!  Have to laugh and take action now -nailed it!


6-Figure Secrets

Enjoy the empowering secrets from our lineup of amazing 6-figure healers to use in your healing business. Gain the insights, strategies, and action steps you need to set up your healing business around who you are. Re-listen again and again as you activate and go deeper in training yourself to think and act like a 6-figure healer. It’s like having a 6-figure sales success coach in your pocket!

You Receive:

All MP-3 recordings of the interviews

  • Listen in at any time for a lifetime!
  • Have your very own healer-coach-intuitive in your pocket

PDF summary of the secrets from our successful 6-figure healers

Community Success Stories

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for convening the invincible healers and sharing their unique giftedness to us. They all seem to have sense of rightness or fitness (synchronicity) to what my soul hunger for.

There had been other teleseminar and healers that I listened to in the past but what I found different with your chosen healers is that I feel the authenticity of all of them which I think gave the clarity and power of their spoken word.

Again my heartfelt thanks and more power!


Wow, what a confirmation of my shifts. I just now, received an email from my gallery that I sold over $1000.00 worth of my artwork in today’s sales. Thank you and to all your guests for supporting our journeys in coming to our highest and best.


Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful telesummit series. I am so grateful to you and all the amazing healers I listened to on the summit. I am honored to be in unity with everyone.

God bless you!


Take Action As A Bold, Intuitive Healer And Commit To Your Healing Business Now

Be prepared for an incredible journey as you work from within and in your healing business full of fun, prosperity, joy, and expansion.

Upgrade your package to a level of training you want to activate NOW in your life. The energy is complete and starts to draw what you want to you as you invest. Choose a level now:

Invincibility Guarantee & No Refund Policy

We have discovered the most powerful way for you to succeed through all that we share through The Academy for Invincible Healers products, programs, and services. In order for you to stay 100% committed to utilize all that is shared on your behalf, there are no refunds for any products, programs, or services you buy through the Academy for Invincible Healers. After you secure your commitment, you are fully committed and we honor your 100% commitment absolutely. There are NO REFUNDS available and NO TRANSFERS to future events, products, programs, or services. We are 100 % committed to your own deep commitment to gain everything you are meant to receive through this entire opportunity and guarantee to take an invincible stand for your success as a healer!!

The TRUTH is that the only way that you become defeated is when you stop and allow the machinations of the mind to take over your life. When you invest fully from the beginning and stay committed, there is no way possible for anything but full benefit of your deepest commitment to become inevitable. We believe in your Infinite Power and Potential to make a deep difference in the world as an INVINCIBLE HEALER!!

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